17 MARCH 2018




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Benjamin Drury

Internal Resonances


Internal Resonances' is a one-on-one piece written for vocalist and stethoscope. Ben will be holding the head of a stethoscope, the ear pieces of which will be given to the audience member. Throughout the performance the vocalist moves the stethoscope to different parts of their body exploring different resonances and timbres of their voice as it echoes through their body. The piece also uses the usually inaudible, unconscious sounds the body makes as a kind of aleatoric accompaniment to the vocalist’s performance.
The piece explores the relationship between a performer, their body and their environment in an interesting way. Allowing the performer and audience member to hear the internal mechanisms of the body and to hear the way the voice resonates inside a body before it is heard outside of the body. By presenting a piece of music in this manner it explores what a piece of music can be. It also investigates the relationship of mind and body in performance by pairing the unconscious sounds of the body with the conscious sounds of the vocalist.


Benjamin Drury is a Canberra-based composer, improviser and sound artist. His practice deals with experimental, popular and classical music, in performance and composition. His work as a composer is concerned with acoustics, noise and quiet sounds. He is a member of the ANU Experimental Music Studio and New Music Ensemble as a performer and composer and has worked with Ensemble Offspring, The NOISE and the ANU Chamber Orchestra as a composer. His work is beginning to move outside of traditional forms and venues, focusing more on alternative and experimental ways of presenting new music, including the site-specific installation 'Pieces for Cars Tunnel and Hexagonal vents' as part of the You Are Here Festival in May of 2016 and some generative and interactive electroacoustic works. He has also performed in the Canberra International Music Festival, SoundOut festival, the International Conference of Auditory Design, Electrofringe and Art Not Apart. His first album Sentence Fragment Consider Revising is coming out in 2017.