17 MARCH 2018




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Eve Austin White

Wiggly Things

Project Information

Wiggly Things' is a cluster of mixed media paintings on board that is being showcased as part of the Shake It Up Exhibition in Nishi Gallery curated by Professor David Williams AM and Anna Trundle. The series is inspired by philosopher Alan Watts’ discussion of “wiggliness.” The paintings represent the breakdown of rigid structures and organic elements into abstracted, fractured, and warped forms. In doing so, this series explores the futility of the human desire to impose order on an infinitely complex and ever-changing universe. Wiggly Things relies on painting as a means to disrupt linguistic categories and communicate outside of them. The series embraces the nature of the world that surrounds us as wiggly, chaotic, and unpredictable; the paintings find beauty in depicting and celebrating that rather than forcing it to adhere to a rigid structure.

About the Artist

Eve White is a restless painter and image-maker. Eve was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Southern California in 2013, and completed Honours in painting at the Australian National University shortly after. Characterized by contrast, ambiguity, and fractured forms, her paintings explore psychological notions of chaos and mysticism. Eve relies on abstraction as a means to visualize intangible connections and disrupt our sense of separateness. Constructed with digital and tactile tools, her work takes inspiration from street art, spiritual texts, graphic design, and indigenous painting. She participated in the 2015 Art Not Apart at Westside, where she collaborated with two other artists to develop Cerebellum Breathing.




Event Area: Nishi Gallery