17 MARCH 2018




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Clare Jackson

This is not a place

Project Information

‘This is not a place’ is a series of etchings, each reflecting imagery gathered from ‘Mr. Fluffy’ homes marked for demolition in Ainslie. Some prints depict abstract details like crumpled sheets and materials found in vacant yards. Others contain more recognisable markers of occupation; domestic spaces and architectural details. As trees show history in their growth rings, these houses show traces of the lives once lived there. The subject of these works speak of places in transition; through these images we are prompted to look at the intricacies of change, and how we reconcile notions of what is comfortable and what is required. This work is not intended as a protest against change, rather an elegy to the various transitions that have shaken up Canberra in it’s 103 short years as a city. 

About the Artist

Born in Canberra, Australia in 1986, Clare Jackson graduated with First Class Honours from the Printmedia and Drawing Department of the Australian National University in 2013. Her work has been featured in shows around Australia, including exhibitions at Canberra Contemporary Art Space, as a finalist in the 2016 Marnie Ross Small Things Art Prize at Saint Cloche Gallery in Sydney and taking Second Prize in the 2015 m16 Artspace Drawing Prize. Last year Clare was selected as one of the annual artists in residence for the Trykimuuseum in Tartu, Estonia, during which she held a solo exhibition at the Estonian Printing Museum. In the last two years she has also participated in artist residencies at Bilpin International Grounds for Creative Initiatives in the Wollemi National Park and Woy Woy Bay, both in remote areas of New South Wales.

Undertaking residencies in unique, varied locations is integral to her practice. Working predominately in small scale on paper, Clare responds to the sense of feeling ‘lost’, using drawing and printmaking as a means to ground herself and foster an understanding of her surroundings. By repeating this process over the course of multiple explorations, Clare’s work becomes deeply linked to her individual experience. Elements of each environment are carefully incorporated into a growing lexicon of marks, materials and approaches that aid in addressing a narrative that is both fleeting and tangible in a way that language cannot be. Clare’s drawings and prints are the saved remains of attempts to communicate a personal history whilst connecting to the broader context of each environment and its inhabitants. Clare uses printmaking processes to record these fragments of her surroundings, etching moments into a surface and making them tangible.





Event Area: Nishi Gallery