17 MARCH 2018




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Next Festival: 18 March 2017

Previous Festival: 19 March 2016

Art, Not Apart is a little festival for the arts. Canberra arts. No-one’s apart.

Exhibitions, performance art, numerous music stages, installations, strange interventions, street food, cafes and a dance party. Works that shake up ideas and approaches will be prioritised, some have been commissioned, and they will be carefully placed throughout the NewActon Precinct, West Basin, the National Film and Sound Archives and more venues to be announced. This isn't just about art, but uses art as a metaphor. Art, Not Apart is about fading boundaries. Giving light to the lesser heard, lesser seen, inspires each of us. 

Jean-Luc Nancy's idea of art is hard to flaw. Termed loosely, art expresses more than what is meant by 'me' or 'you'. Art is freedom from these fragments. Art can show connections the left hemisphere might not see – connections we need for a connected society. 

Dienstag has made related comments. Without adhering to the limits of 'me' or 'you', "art shapes the patterns of existence into something recognisable". Ignoring these patterns limits our experience and you wouldn’t even notice. With a greater sense of the world's patterns come more connections and empowerment, like a brain with more synapses.

Cultural patterns were also a focus for T.S. Eliot. He urged the “overlapping and sharing of interests, by participation and mutual appreciation” so we can stay cohesive. Otherwise we’ll fall apart.

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