17 MARCH 2018




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David Caffery

Festival Producer

With a background in event management and cultural philosophy, David moves to enrich communities with artistic events.

Spurred by a thesis on the importance of an artistic culture for existential meaning, he started uniVibes, a not-for-profit events society hosting parties and concerts at ANU and across Canberra. He has founded some fun bands, arranges ensembles and visual productions for his events, coordinates NewActon’s Cultural Program, and produces both Art, Not Apart Festival and the ACT Music Awards. He started Dionysus as an event programs and cultural advice organisation in 2015. It researches and practices cultural development with high-impact organisations - something they may call 'activation'. This was after 6 years of looking to start a music and arts venue but has moved towards programming beyond a single venue. He's also on the board of MusicACT. 

Live performance, contemporary exhibitions, innovative concerts and a multi-arts festival are instilled with a common philosophy: art can shape the patterns of existence into something recognisable. David is driven to combat the divisions of Western culture with cohesive patterns. There has never been such an open sea.