Next Festival: 16 March 2019

Art, Not Apart is a little festival for the arts. Canberra arts. No-one’s apart.

Exhibitions, performance art, throngs of music, installations, wild interventions, a street party, cafes, restaurants, and two crazy afterparties. Works that speak to the intensity of today, climate change and tipping points are prioritised in 2018. Some art is commissioned, but most is received by local artists and carefully placed throughout the NewActon Precinct, the Shine Dome (Australian Academy of Sciences) and the National Film and Sound Archives.

The festival isn’t just about art, but uses art as a metaphor. Art, Not Apart fades boundaries. Giving light to the lesser heard, lesser seen, inspires each of us.

Jean-Luc Nancy’s idea is pretty great. Termed loosely, art expresses more than what is meant by ‘you’ or ‘I’. Art is freedom from these fragments. The festival searches for art the left hemisphere might not see – connections we need for a connected society.

Dienstag has made related comments: Art shapes the patterns of existence into something recognisable. Ignoring these patterns limits our lives without notice.

Cultural patterns were also a focus for T.S. Eliot. He urged the overlapping and sharing of interests, by participation and mutual appreciation so we’re cohesive. Otherwise we’ll fall apart.