James Batchelor and Collaborators

Enterprise Park

Performance Art

ENTERPRISE PARK is a contemporary reflection on the dialogue between body and object, the seduction and satisfaction of the ego and the process of collection.

The performance at Art Not Apart consists of three installations that feature a negotiation of weight between body and object. The performers move slowly but purposefully through an endless process of searching for, ordering, manipulating and combining objects; a mesmerising conversation about how and why we collect.

Performers: James Batchelor, Sarah Bruce, Chloe Chignell, Luigi Vescio

James Batchelor is an award-winning young choreographer from Canberra with a performance practice in dance and visual arts. His projects examine the interactions between humans and the environment, taking him to some of the most remote and inaccessible places in the world. His best known works include ISLAND (winner of the Canberra Critics Circle Award for Dance 2014 and Green Room Award for Concept and Realisation) and METASYSTEMS, which has toured extensively in Australia, Europe and Asia. In early 2016 James was an artist in residence aboard the Investigator, a 58-day expedition mapping remote underwater regions of the Southern Ocean.

James is currently developing a new work called FACES premiering at the Canberra Theatre Centre from April 7-10. His work METASYSTEMS will also appear in the You are Here Festival on April 16.