Joe Oppenheimer with James Fahy

    Joe makes PsyFolk. He is crossing one of the biggest divides in music today – between stage and studio. A folk musician who has explored the digital kingdom, Joe performs with his laptop, ‘Jamatron’ to bring studio elements of his songs to the stage. He is also joined by long-time bandmate James Fahy to bring sparkling harmonies, bass and lead guitar to the fray.

    Joe found songwriting while studying law at ANU. Alongside musical allies such as James Fahy and Bec Taylor, there he discovered a way with storytelling and improvisation that directed his future towards music festivals rather than law courts.

    Joe is currently exploring the fusion of electronica with our folk/pop heritage on his debut album, FUTURE MEMORIES. Welding fingerstyle-style guitar, PsyFolk soundscapes, and a voice from the 60’s, Joe’s shows are free flowing jaunts packed with meaningful lyrics and catchy tunes.