The Babyfreeze Charity Single Launch

Music, Performance Art


Featuring a large guest roster of singers from Canberra's best most/beloved bands, the centrepiece of this show will be the performance/live recording and filming of a 'Charity Single' written in support of the ultimate Worthy Cause - the end of Death Itself. Think Live-Aid-meets-We-Are-The-World but through a cracked funhouse mirror of electro-dance grotesquery. This show is the fourth in Babyfreeze's series of shows that takes aim at and celebrates the excess, indulgence and pretension of celebrity pop music.


Babyfreeze are an ACT dance-punk band with a heavy performance-art lean. We create narrative-ised dance parties that deconstruct the strange modern rituals around live gigs and celebrity. We critique the grotesque trappings of pop culture while also celebrating them to the fullest. We're also a truly sick band with great songs that ignite a crowd.

Our members are veterans of many notable ACT bands including Cracked Actor, Burrows, Fossil Rabbit, PROM, Faux Faux Amis, Finnigan and Brother, Mr Fibby, The Andi and George Band and The Ellis Collective.

Our previous high-concept shows include The Babyfreeze VIP Fan Cruise of Lake Burley Griffin (You Are Here Festival 2016), The Babyfreeze VIP Black Label Champagne Breakfast (Art Not Apart 2017) and The Babyfreeze Ultimate SuperFan Dating Experience (Floriade Fringe 2017). Our latest record, Sometimes Leather, was released in November 2017.



4:45 pm - 5:45 pm | The Lawns Stage