Hands On Studio


Interactive Installations, Visual Art


People Make People; Who Greet People, Who Meet People

This project was inspired by Stephen Corsini who is one of Hands On Studios longest standing artists and has been making wonderful humans for decades.The Hands On artists worked together to create an imaginative bright community, each large soft sculpture person has its own flair, taste and dreams. You will find the soft people on Philip Law Street on the outside of Makeshift.

Please join us between 2pm and 3pm as we create a new giant being, the more helpers the more wild this being will be.



Hands On Studio is a creative art program ran by CatholicCare Canberra & Goulbourn the studio is located at M16ARTSPACE in Griffith. Each week, Hands On Studio provides 79 individuals with varying abilities access to the community through art making. In the studio, 11 weekly classes are taught using the “person centred approach”, this approach gives the students the opportunity to explore their creativity independently or in collaboration with the other artists at the studio and their tutor. 

If you require more information about the studio please email the studio manager: [email protected]