Joel Arthur

The Point

Visual Art


Art, Not Apart's visual arts curator, Kirsten Farrell, has gathered a core sample of artists who pursue different ideas for different reasons in their practices for the Nishi Gallery exhibition, The Point. Let us ask the big question: What is The Point?


Joel Arthur considers the role of perception and illusionism through representation and abstraction. His work began as an investigation of various approaches to the field of still life, observing and describing distortions that occur when looking through glass, water and other refractive and reflective materials. Joel's focus on the optical experience delivered by these distortions and their subsequent translation into painting is the driving interest of his works. Through his practice he focuses on different modes of description, which have developed in conjunction with a more accentuated abstract pictorial language. These abstract works consider how an optical experience can be generated in the painting itself, while continuing to alert the viewer of the work’s physicality and painterly mark.


1:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Nishi Gallery