Lightbulb Improv

Spontaneous Combustion

Performance Art


“Spontaneous Combustion” is a science presentation with a difference. Do you have tricky questions on climate change that keep you up at night? Does your kid have a better grasp on climate science than you do? Then you need to see Spontaneous Combustion.

Professor Janette Lindsay (Deputy Director and Associate Director in the Fenner School of Environment and Society; Deputy Director, ANU Climate Change Institute) will be the expert in residence for you to pose your tricky questions on climate change. The Lightbulb scientists  will also provide valuable insight through their trademark improvised comedy style.  They'll sing, banter and clown their way to the correct answer for your amusement. They may not get the answer right, but some of the world’s most amazing scientific breakthroughs have been in a moment of unplanned spontaneity! The second half of the show will allow you to select a future world caused by climate change. Watch the Lightbulb scientists create an unscripted performance using first-perspective stories and scenes to explore the fall-out from the event. The players will explore the good, the bad, the ugly and the darkly funny. These Lightbulb scientists may not win a nobel prize but they will deliver joy, wit and the thrill of the unknown.


Lightbulb Improv is an improvised comedy ensemble from Canberra. They take audiences on unscripted and daring journeys, through storytelling, games, clowning, songs and fearless theatre that frees the mind, moves the body and delights the intellect.
Since 2016, Lightbulb Improv has performed a monthly comedy variety show at Smiths Alternative. and in 2018 they bring four new shows to Polit Bar. Lightbulb Improv opened the Canberra Unscripted festival and will showcase again in 2018. No show is the same and each laugh is unique with Lightbulb Improv. Lightbulb Improv is keen to entertain, thrill and breathe spontaneity into the residents of the “planned city” of Canberra to create unscripted theatre inspired by you.

Each cast member brings significant improvised theatre experience. Cast includes: Amy Crawford, Benjamin Crowley, Byron Fay, Catherine Crowley, David Woodgate, Emil Tow, Helen Way, Jeremy Strasser, Joshua Bell, Laura Griffin, Lou Maconachie and Michael Carter.

Professor Janette Lindesay's principal research interests are in climate variability during the period of instrumental record, and climate change science in relation to vulnerability and adaptation. Her current research focuses on integrating multiple influences on low-frequency fluctuations in Australian rainfall, including the potential for deterministic and dynamical seasonal forecasting; climatological aspects of bushfires and drought in Australia; temperature and rainfall trends and extremes; and climate change adaptation. Professor Lindesay is also engaged in research into the pedagogy of climate change in academic and professional education.



3:00 pm - 4:00 pm | Makeshift