Alex Raupach

P R E T T Y S L O W M U S I C / Book of Travelers



Europe on a bike; America on a train. Two solo song cycles for piano and voice capture in intimate music the reflections of two journeys through a year at the hinge of history: 2016. 

The selection of original songs of PRETTY SLOW MUSIC began as nocturnal streams of musical consciousness, captured in iPhone Voice Memos, and only later reconstituted for live performance. They carry an inner voice from a time of solitude, a summer spent cycling 3,000 km across a borderless Europe at the moment its union fractured.

They are paired with selections from Book of Travelers, by American composer-singer-songwriter Gabriel Kahane, who boarded an Amtrak the morning after the 2016 presidential election, and spent the next fortnight talking to strangers in dining cars. His songs are their stories, sketches of the human face of a nation in crisis.

Read about Book of Travelers here or buy it here.


Alex Raupach a musician who lives in the space between notated composition, improvisation and song. His native mode is jazz, as a trumpet player and composer-leader for his Sydney based quartet. His recent projects include PRETTY SLOW MUSIC, a piano-based solo singer-songwriter song cycle, and Giffen, the Sydney chamber-folk group in which he sings and plays double bass. Until recently based in Melbourne, he has returned to Canberra to work as General Manager of the Canberra International Music Festival.


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