Interactive Installations, Visual Art


Bears and Mercury is a climate change adaptation of the classic board game 'snakes and ladders'. As we stand on the board and roll the die, we edge closer towards catastrophe. But things can get worse: each mercury thermometer shows a factor that will hasten this destruction. Only by taking action can we change direction. Each polar bear shows a step we can take towards survival.

For climate activists, the board describes battles we can win or lose and wrong turns we can take, and the need to do our best now before we pass major tipping points. The artist suggests the importance of building solidarity with existing struggles, and the need to raise demands for climate action that lend themselves to mass support (e.g. measures that benefit a majority while polluters and a wealthy minority foot the bill). The piece attempts to challenge the narrative that climate action necessarily means hardship instead of opportunities to simultaneously improve our lives, and to highlight the need for structural change rather than relying on the sacrifices of individuals. As the climate rally cry goes: system change not climate change!


1:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Jaeger Room