Canberra Opera

Canberra Opera presents The Impressario



    Canberra Opera presents Mozart's The Impressario with a modern twist which highlights the comedy of modern politics, using well known personas e.g. Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull and Paulene Hanson to tell the story.

    Performed in English, join Canberra Opera's principal artists in this hilarious one hour introduction to opera in its most accessible form.



    Canberra Opera is a community-based opera company providing specialised training and opera performance experience for singers, musicians and production staff. Established in 2011, our principal aims are:
    a) To advance, promote and develop opera or other forms of musical theatre through productions and events, and by commissioning and presenting opera, musical theatre and other works, in the Canberra and the surrounding region;
    (b) To advance, promote and develop the performance of opera or other forms of musical theatre through providing training, development and performance opportunities for Australian based potential opera singers, artists, conductors, musicians and arts workers involved in the production of opera and musical theatre;
    (c) To provide the Canberra region with access to affordable productions of opera and other forms musical theatre;
    (d) To present to as many people of the Canberra region and at the highest possible level;
    (e) To explore new ways of presenting opera and musical theatre to audiences in non-traditional venues and utilising new technology where possible to increase access and opportunity for as many people as possible; and
    (f) To promote, produce, commission or present opera and musical theatre in collaboration with other companies and art forms.



    1:30 pm - 2:30 pm | Ian Wark Theatre

    2:45 pm - 3:45 pm | Ian Wark Theatre