James Batchelor x Zander Porter

Alien Intimacy

Performance Art


Alien Intimacy is a dance between the "human" and "alien" body by James Batchelor and Zander Porter. The performance speculates on the movement of an interpersonally constructed sense of alien, drawing relations between the visible and the invisible or the physically embodied and the virtually disembodied. The distance between human and alien in this work is conceived and imagined by virtual imagery and internet-referential performativity, leaning into an experience that is slow, dense, present, and specific. What might be the alien as the distance between two, or something in the self? Alien Intimacy opens more connections towards the "alien" and conjures personal stories as well as narratives for notions of the nonhuman and the world.


James Batchelor is a choreographer from Canberra, working internationally. His work is known for its visual clarity, architectural sensitivity to space and rhythmic playfulness. Movement is hypnotically focused and detailed drawing audiences into a contemplative and imaginative realm.

Zander Porter is an artist, performer, and curator from Los Angeles, based currently in Berlin. Zander's moving image and liveness work develops from interest in social and collective vs. individuated or persona-based investigation. Social research moves between virtual and physical spaces of roleplay, desiring more nuance for embodiment and disembodiment.





2:00 pm - 2:30 pm | NFSA Theatrette

4:00 pm - 4:30 pm | NFSA Theatrette