Jo Clay

The Carbon Diet: Little People / Big Problem

Street Art


    Little People / Big Problem by Jo Clay

    Climate change anxiety can be crippling. We are all little people with a Big Problem. But while we're small, we're also powerful. This series of ten Lego installations illustrate simple but effective actions anyone can take to fight climate change. QR codes link to a website explaining the data behind each piece. All ten are hidden around the festival to show that answers are all around us if only we take the time look.

    'Little People / Big Problem' is part of Jo's broader project, 'The Carbon Diet'. During this year-long experiment, she cuts her carbon footprint by 75% by testing out a different method each week. Jo uses carbon accounting to measure the results and is creating articles, art, a blog and a book about her experience. Find out more at 


    Jo is an author, activist and entrepreneur. She is seriously freaked about climate change.
    Jo has published short stories, poems and articles and produced short films, websites and online designs. Her first eco-novel, 'A Single Girl's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse', came out in 2013 (Momentum / Pan MacMillan). She is seeking publication for her second novel, a time-travel farce about the end of the world. She has won national manuscript awards and poetry prizes.
    Having twice written about fictional apocalypses, Jo decided it was time to fight one in real life. She is working on 'The Carbon Diet', a lifestyle experiment about cutting her carbon footprint by 75% by testing out a different method each week. Jo is writing a book, articles and a blog on the experience. She also runs 'Send and Shred', a new recycling service brought out by The Green Shed group.



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