Kevin Adrian Miller

blood and bone

Visual Art


Blood and Bone is a series of printed glass panels. The work is installed in a space with the potential for people to move around and interact with the images on the glass, trying to make sense of the formless appearance. As the images are printed on glass, and are translucent, they become illusory. People interacting with the images see ambiguous objects that reflect our attempts to make sense of what is visible through peripheral vision. The images also beg the question, "what do you see when thinking about something else - what do you see while working in a garden when your mind is contemplating a memory of a past event, trauma or grief"? Half of the images are taken at Lavender Bay, in Wendy Whitley's garden, and the others are of something else less clear. It is difficult to interpret which images are which - especially when thoughts are all consuming and intrusive. When looking at and interacting with these images people are seeing something that is unclear with an underlying emotional content not always present in our everyday life.


Kevin Adrian Miller is a photographic artist and practicing architect. Kevin's work investigates how we can capture our peripheral interaction with the environment through still photography. Through peripheral vision we are linked to a multi-sensory engagement with the space around us, which for the most part is an unconscious daily interaction. The artist's work aims to look at the world in a different way, perceptively, and also philosophically. Kevin has completed a PhD at the ANU on this topic, and the works proposed for the festival are an exploration in peripheral vision and the emotional connection to space.