Lightbulb Improv

Scenes from the Soul

Performance Art


Lightbulb Improv will act as a megaphone on the souls of the people attending the festival. Answers, given privately, and anonymously from festival goers before the show, will be amplified through theatrical recount. Your stories, your souls will be shared through our actions. 

In our own private worlds, we all know the importance of the soul, but in the public world the soul is dismissed and disregarded. It is not material, so it is not real. The scenes we create invite the public to consider the private worlds of our souls together.




Lightbulb Improv is Canberra’s premiere improvised theatre troupe, performing monthly since 2016. Known for crafting comedy and heartfelt moments in an unscripted, lively and daring manner, the Lightbulb Players are tellers of stories and singers of songs. Their moto? To create fearless theatre that frees the mind, delights the intellect, and distills the meaning of life. 

Every month, Lightbulb delights at Smiths Alternative with their fearless and free theatre. Lightbulb has featured at Canberra community and artistic events such as Art Not Apart 2018, Canberra Unscripted festival, and the Canberra Slamboree - Australian Poetry Slam. Lightbulb Improv will perform at the Canberra Comedy festival on 20 and 21 March. 

Cast includes: Angela Ford, Amy Crawford, David Woodgate, Helen Way, Jeremy Strasser, Katherine Berry, Luke Atchison, Laura Griffin, Lou Maconachie and Michael Carter.




5:00 pm - 6:00 pm | Kendall Lane Theatre