Peter McLean

Waterhole Spirit

Visual Art


Peter McLean dares you to walk into wild nature, silently, alone, without a planned route. Let the spirit in the land guide you away from track or trail. If you are lucky, and your mind opens, queer things might happen.

This large woodcut print explores the intersection of landscape, spirit, self and sexuality. Looking back to book design aesthetics of previous centuries, while looking forward to an imagined future when we might again experience nature as sacred.


Peter McLean is a Canberra based artist with a deep affinity for nature and the environment. He first studied biology and ecology and worked in science and conservation, and later studied printmaking at the ANU School of Art. Working across a range of printmaking techniques as well as drawing and installation, his work explores the materiality of nature, and our physical, emotional and spiritual relationships with wild places. His work is inspired by solitary time in nature, grounded in a respect for traditional technique and craftmanship and activated by a constant desire to explore new territory.



1:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Nishi Gallery