Artist REM doesn't think too hard about the deeper meaning of a piece, he thinks they usually come from emotions and what feels right.

The artist believes art can be purely subjective, and creates art to provoke thought or emotion in the viewer. So what does this piece mean to you? Does it make you happy, sad, scared, excited? Or do you just think it looks good, because if so, then REM created this piece for its sheer beauty. 


“You can’t make money from doing art so what kind of real job would you like to do?” 

REM can’t read and can’t write, so what hope did he have for following the path we’re told we have to pursue. 

The artist was always drawing and creating from an early age, then in his mid teens he was mentored by one of the leading stencil artists in Australia and Archibald prize finalist, Luke Cornish (E.L.K), who inspired REM to pursue his dream of creating art not for the masses, but for himself, because it’s what makes him happy. 

REM learnt new techniques every day, and is perpetually evolving his style of art, so when people ask what kind of art he does, he doesn’t know what to tell them. Over the years however REM has found a love for a grungy style representing life, death, sex, music and nature. 

The artist is not driven by money, and has no desire to spend his life behind a desk being told what to think and what to feel. He does art to evoke emotion in himself and hopefully in you, the viewer. 


1:00 pm - 7:00 pm | The Artery