Rory King

Burnt Fingers, Broken Nose

Visual Art


Rory King’s work sits in the hybrid space between documentary practice and personal narratives fleshed out through an evocative and ambiguous visual discourse. Primarily shooting his work in black and white, and driven extensively by traditional photographic techniques, King is interested in the dualities and juxtapositions of human experience, the unseen personalities living on the fringes of society, the tensions between nostalgia, melancholia, the sublime, and our psychological landscapes. King received the National Gallery of Australia Summer Art Scholarship for photography in 2011, was awarded the 2017 Glebe Art Show Photography Prize and was also named one of the up-and-coming artists of 2018 by Vogue, Australia. He has shown strongly across his early career in group exhibitions, most recently in 'G L O S S' (2017) at Stairwell Gallery, 'Could this all be it?' (2017) at Cold Cuts Gallery, Sydney, 'CCP Salon Exhibition' (2017), Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, and 'Crossing Borders', Glass Room Projects, Darlinghurst. King is also the current 2018 PhotoAccess ‘Dark Matter’ Resident and has recently display his first solo exhibition, 'Burnt Fingers, Broken Nose' (2018) and will continue to exhibit it in conjunction with Head On Photo Festival in 2019. Concerned with modes of fabricating and disseminating both intimate and grand narratives, King’s images fluctuate through the pairing of interior and exterior spaces, which metaphorically serve as a reflection of our expansive psychological mindsets.



1:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Nishi Gallery