The Share House Project

Open Home

Interactive Installations


THE SHARE HOUSE PROJECT is an ongoing collaboration exploring memories of home and domestic space. Over the past year the artists have collected memory drawings of people’s childhood homes. At Art, Not Apart they invite you into their OPEN HOME to add your own floor plan to the collection. Come inside and play with the drawings to transform the apartment's walls into a giant collaged house plan. This site-specific installation will map out a hypothetical design for an enormous but impossible house, refurbished and cohabited with shared memories, dreams and ideals.


THE SHARE HOUSE PROJECT is a collaboration between Stephanie Jones and Janine Mikosza. The project was developed during their joint residency at Fremantle Arts Centre in early 2018. It is a participatory work that invites people to recall a former home, usually from childhood, and sketch its floor plan from memory. The memory drawings form part of an evolving body of work, and their site-specific installation inside an apartment in the NewActon precinct is the latest iteration of the project.

STEPHANIE JONES is a local artist who makes drawings and objects. She also works with ephemeral materials, such as sugar and icing, often in site-specific locations. Her work is concerned with the domestic, as both a physical and psychological space. Jones has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout Australia for over 30 years. Her solo exhibition ‘On the streets where you live’ was held at Canberra Contemporary Art Space City in 2017.

JANINE MIKOSZA is a Melbourne-based writer and artist. Her fiction and creative non-fiction is published in literary journals and anthologies, including 'The Best Australian Essays 2017'. Mikosza’s work explores how spatial atmospheres affect the emotional life of an individual. She is currently completing 'Homesickness', a non-fiction manuscript on trauma and childhood homes.



1:00 pm - 7:00 pm | The Apartments