Tommy Balogh


Interactive Installations


Tommy’s builds his paintings into walls.

Multi-disciplinary artist Tommy Balogh is working with local builders Natura Homes to create interactive abstract artwork that connects with smart devices, and has the option of being solar powered.

“The interactive element has long since been a dream of mine, an artwork that you can modify with your voice or device. The future points towards integrated systems, and I think art can definitely be part of that.”

Balogh integrated a large painting into a backlit wall in Throsby last year. Three are on show in the base of Nishi for the festival.



Tommy Balogh is a rapidly rising multi-disciplinary artist from Canberra, Australia. His work is represented and collected both nationally and internationally. Balogh fuses organic abstract painting and light to create a new beast in his futuristic and emotive light reactive artworks. His work is described as ‘transformative' and takes fluid art to places not seen before. In partnership with fellow creative Gabriel Gaha, they together have created thought provoking art projects and experiences by transforming conventional spaces into places of wonder. Balogh works in an unconventional studio space at the Citywest Carpark in Canberra, Australia, where he has the freedom to create large-format works and test his ideas.





1:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Nishi Ground Floor