Toni Hassan

Power and passion in an age of rage

Visual Art


We are witness to a surge in activism and protests in cities around the world, made easier to organise by new media platforms. Toni Hassan's interest in this show lays with protests as emotional events; kinds of performative resistance, contests of ideas and battles over actual space. Two-dimensional objects - signs, banners and placards - are held like shields in defence of values.

The artist explores these ideas in her work and wonders about the impact of protests, the possibilities for dialogue and exchange between opposing groups, and in playing with documentary images, imagines how reconciliation might ever occur.

(image: Rage and intimacy, 2018)


Toni Hassan is an emerging artist. She has spent many years telling stories as a writer, facilitator and columnist focused on human rights, civics and policy.

Toni has a Walkley Award for excellence in journalism and graduated from the Australian National University last year, with a visual arts degree, majoring in painting.

Her graduation show focused on race, refugees and social collapse and tested how the materiality of paint can help express these issues and a world in flux.