Futures Collide.

Street Art


Atune's piece this year focuses on directional abstract expressive line work. Mainly working with a limited colour palette, and mostly monochromatic, his work will involve lots of technical intricate layers, which will have a dark futuristic atmospheric feel. The plan is to merge different mediums, like aerosol and acrylic paints, but also experimenting more with reclaimed aluminium and wood, which will bring more depth to the work.


Atune builds deep abstract space into essentially flat (2 dimensional) surface paintings. He has a heightened economy of formal elements: sparse and stark.

He manipulates to myriad effects. In his pictorial/spatial interventions, layers, tone, and line create fluidity, explosions, tension and harmony through dense clusters and layered erasures.

Atune has been leaving traces on the city of Canberra since the late nineties. He continues to paint large scale contemporary abstract wall murals, and has a strong focus on his studio practice.


Instagram: atune__

Facebook: Atune art