Australian Dance Party and QL2 Dance

YGen to IGen

Performance Art


YGen to IGen: Created and performed by young artists of QL2 Dance with Australian Dance Party and Ruth Osborne.

Composed of a lineage of professional and emerging/youth dancers and dance makers spanning sixty years, this mass movement of cross-generational dance reflects upon fears, hopes and imaginings of possible futures.

Inspired by the festival theme ‘Today I, Tomorrow You,’ the creative agency and collaborative process is shared across all ages and is as much a part of the work as the performance.

Images by Lorna Sim and Martin Ollman, Art, Not Apart 2018.


QL2 Dance develops the next generation of Australian dance makers through innovative, challenging, diverse and rigorous programs for young people aged 8 to 26, with a progression over several years of their lives. They acknowledge and support the development of the nascent artist and prioritise choreographic literacy, intellectual engagement, and the discipline of creative process. In their core programs, QL2 Dance provides and supports an ever-changing balance of taught skills, rigorous challenge, creative practice, disciplined activity, and provocative guidance. They enable growth and development for young dance artists, emerging choreographers and audiences by producing thoughtful and challenging dance works. For graduates and tertiary students, QL2 Dance's reach is national. For younger dancers their focus is regional. For both, they have international connections. They have presented performances in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, regional NSW, Jamaica, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan and Scotland, to critical and audience acclaim.

Australian Dance Party creates evocative, visceral and enlivening dance experiences within natural and urban environments. Through their work they contemplate contemporary issues and stimulate thinking and action for change. ADP harnesses the playfulness and vulnerability of the body moving in unlikely environments to reach new audiences and extend the presence and importance of dance in our contemporary experience.

Led by award winning choreographer and performer, Alison Plevey, the company’s core artists include Canberra dancers; Olivia Fyfe, Alana Stenning, Stephen Gow and Ryan Stone (all QL2 Alumni). In its fourth year, ADP is an increasingly important platform for sustainable and meaningful dance careers in the ACT.

Recent work includes critically acclaimed ‘From the Vault’ at a secret Dairy Rd warehouse, ‘Seamless’ reimagined for performance at the NPG and ‘Soul Defenders' (Art, Not Apart / Danceweek 2019).


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2:25 pm - 2:45 pm | Soul Defender Stage

3:40 pm - 4:00 pm | Soul Defender Stage