Bernadette Smith

Encounter With Self and Other

Visual Art


My project emphasises the non human world as a response to the Anthropocene or human induced climate crisis. The dominance of humankind has led to rising temperatures with droughts and unsustainable development threatening our survival. My installation concerning water, Encounters With Self and Other, intimates that we are not separate from the non-human world as not only do we share the same environment but our bodies consist of over 60% water. In the driest continent on Earth access to fresh water is the most basic of human and non-human rights and this can no longer be ignored. Water and fire are two sides of the same coin and in a world out of balance our future is interlinked with all other species. In Dark Sublime, a close up photograph of incoming water refracts the metal steps of Clovelly Bay, challenging our perception of man-made permanence. While in Burnt Sun, a macro view of the sun is obscured by a smoky sky, photographed through the textured glass of my studio window pane during the build-up to Australia’s worst bushfire season.

Special thanks to Print2Metal studio in Melbourne and ANA 20 Festival organisers for making this project possible.


Bernadette Smith is a contemporary artist working across disciplines within photomedia to explore water sustainability and human induced climate crisis. Recent exhibitions include Eden Unearthed, New Artists at Linton and Kay Gallery, Light Objects at Perth Centre of Photography, Sunstudio Emerging Photographers Prize, Fishers Ghost Art Award and Sydney College of the Arts Showcase at Verge Gallery.



1:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Nishi Gallery