CJ Shaw

CJ Shaw's Family Picnic



Pack the blanket and the gingham rug

Tell Aunty Dawn and Uncle Doug

Bring the cider and lemonade

Spare a thought for those who stayed

At home instead of taking time

To listen to CJ Shaw rhyme

And sing top songs of a folky bent

A funny, dapper and melodic gent

Songs for all and from the heart

A must see for Art Not Apart



CJ Shaw, born entertainer, canny wordsmith and storyteller, masterful finger picker and soulful harmonica player has been leaving audiences spellbound for well over a decade.
Steeped in Australia folk tradition CJ Shaw started his own touring circuit in 2009, coinciding with the release of his critically acclaimed album ‘Impatient Generation’ (4 stars Sydney Morning Herald, which stated “every track demands a listen”). Shunning the highways and the automobile, Shaw chose to travel Victoria, NSW and Queensland using the XPT Trains, on what was dubbed the ‘Tunes In Bloom” Xpress. Visiting over twenty towns in two years, Shaw cemented himself as a leading figure in Australia’s folk scene.
After coming runner up in the NSW poetry slam in 2013 Shaw relocated to Timor Leste where he formed and fronted multicultural super group ‘Radio Mojo’. With players from Timor-Leste, Australia, the Philippines and Portugal their monthly residency caused a stir in the country leading to a headline slot at the 2014 festival “Arte Publiku”. In 2015 the band released their best selling album ‘Mana Mata Akustik no Unsung History’ to great international acclaim.
Returning to Australia in 2016 CJ Shaw went on to win the coveted Yarn Spinning Competition at the National Folk Festival, as well as writing and producing ‘In Kindergarten’ a Children’s EP which features the ACT Open Schools Choir in support.
Since 2018 CJ Shaw’s parody song, “Our Dad Made a 100 in the Backyard at Nans” has become a regular feature on the ABCs long running radio show, Australia All Over, receiving great praise from host Ian ‘Macca’ Mcnamara, who referred to CJ as a ‘fantastic songwriter’.
CJ Shaw’s popular children’s song ‘Terminator Shades’, was shortlisted in early 2019 as part of the Song Alive Song Competition. Currently co-hosting a monthly music event with former Glitoris drummer and songwriter, Bec Taylor, CJ Shaw continues to shine as one of Australia’s premier folk artists.






4:40 pm - 5:20 pm | Courtyard Stage