Communi-fi Sound Bike X Rat Patrol

Party Peloton



The Party Peloton is an off-grid, self sustaining bicycle party in and around the Art not Apart festival site. Powered by their very own solar sound bike, the Party Peloton will take you on a journey to some special Canberra locations with a mix of poetry, art, acoustic and electronic music. Featuring Canberra’s favourite pop-up band, ‘The Cashews’, and a thumping dance party finale by siblings-in-sound Arabella X Horizon Eyes. Canberra’s merchants of mayhem, the Rat Patrol crew will be supporting the party with their range of hand made, repurposed and re-imagined bicycles. This party promotes radical self sufficiency and environmental stewardship.


Communi-fi Sound is a custom designed, hand built sound system that has been powering the ACT's underground music events for the last 5 years. The most recent addition to our arsenal is a smaller, mobile sound system integrated onto a hand built cargo bike. The system aims to liberate music from the confines of set venues and locations and provides new and interesting opportunities for festivals and parties. Rat patrol is Canberra's own freak bike/ human powered vehicle collective with a DIY ethos that responds to overt capitalism with participatory creative practice that acts as a way to engage with our civic spaces.

With artists The Cashews, Ellie Malbon, and Aaron Kirby



4:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Here and There