Geoff Farquhar-Still

Where to begin

Visual Art



Where to begin 2019 was a leap of faith, a test of the possibilities of the 3rd industrial age where computers merge with humans, using the strengths of each to outweigh the inherent limitations of each.

The form was designed in Virtual Reality, a collaborative dance between human movement and computer vision, scribing fluid, complex lines in 3d space with pinpoint accuracy and translating them into a CAD map, fixed in time and space.

Algorithmic modelling then transformed these movements into a map of identifiable objects, called upon to describe the dance in virtually modelled components.

Utilising Augmented Reality, each of these components was fabricated in the real world, one at a time, using holograms as the roadmap. The finished sculpture visible all the while, known and irrefutable in holographic form, while piece by piece the object came to life through human hand and eye, an artisans touch.

It is not perfect, it may not even be beautiful but it's certainly the first of its kind.


Location: QT FOYER

Suspended Form 2019 is made in a sense by gravity alone, its form impossible to estimate till each part sits in relation to the others, no component more important than another.

Out of potential chaos and calamity a balance is negotiated and sustained, informed by its surroundings but always reaching back through fulcrum to centrality.



Learning to fly again 2020 - Between catastrophe and hope lies the future.


Geoff Farquhar-Still is a Canberra based artist who has a full time sculpture practice ranging from intricate small-scale machines to ambitious installations, large scale public art and interactive play environments. With a practice firmly rooted in hands-on making activities, everyday items and architectural materials are combined to create new environments or reinterpretations of familiar objects and experiences.

Over the past 15 years his work has been included in five solo and over forty group shows around Australia. Working with a team of assistants, Geoff has created work for public art projects and architectural collaborations in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth and has been awarded site-specific and art in architecture awards, residencies, and a range of private and government commissions.

Geoff is director of Artillion Studio, a collaborative design studio which has begun to integrate virtual reality design with artisan manufacturing using holographic fabrication to enable the creation of accurate, large scale and complex organic forms without the use of shop drawings. A team of highly skilled artisans use cutting edge technology to enhance their creative ability to efficiently realise designs that were previously unimaginable.


1:00 pm - 7:00 pm | The Shine Dome Sculpture Garden

1:00 pm - 7:00 pm | QT Foyer