I Hold the Great Rack

The World Died Today While You Were On Your Phone



I Hold the Great Rack (IHTGR) is a musical performance art duo that uses popular forms of media and stylistic tropes as devices to shift the way experimental art is consumed.  To uniquely situate their projects, they use locally recorded sound and filmed media as well as site-specific performance as the creative basis for new projects.

Spanning the length of 2020, they will release a series of works exclusively on the Instagram Feed. Each series will post individual 60 second pieces that expand on a central theme, each post being one part of a larger narrative arc.  'TODAY, I’ at Art, Not Apart will inaugurate the series at the epicentre of narcissistic culture with the project, 'The World Died Today While You Were On Your Phone'.


Emily Bennett (Great Rack) – voice, samplers, synths, drum machines

Emily is led by narratives not predominantly voiced in music; those both banal and significant, portraying landscapes that bleed into the fictional and subjective. She has collaborated with choreographers, theatre makers and journalists to construct works for live music performance that fuse sound design with composition and future directions in real-time improvisation.
Reuben Lewis (I Hold the Lion’s Paw) – trumpet, pedals, synths, drum machines
“In a sea of pedestrians, Reuben stands out as an intrepid explorer.” – Julien Wilson.
With improvisation at the core of his creative practice, Reuben has refined a uniquely eclectic electro-acoustic language that is as much at home in EDM as it is on a hilltop in Malaysia surrounded by dancers and bull-trance shamans.
I Hold the Great Rack
“…a fascinatingly free journey that balances an experimental unpredictability with quirky humour quite masterfully” – Francis Tait, Trouble Juice
Charting the territory between EDM & Art Pop, multi-instrumentalists Emily Bennett (Great Rack) and Reuben Lewis (I Hold the Lion’s Paw) collide in their unclassifiable duo, I Hold the Great Rack.
Lewis keeps busy on trumpet through an intricate set up of pedals, synths and drum machines whilst Bennett speaks her mind via a cascade of samples and shape shifting vocal effects. Sparks fly and chemicals dissolve the banal, domestic bliss. It’s kind of like a New York comedy club in a weird parallel universe… Or something… In a very good way…
Previous festival appearances include:
This is Not Art (Newcastle) - 2016
Upper Impartialism (Brisbane) - 2018
MAP Melaka (Malaysia) - 2018
Now Now Festival (Sydney) - 2019
You Are Here Festival (Canberra) - 2019







5:10 pm - 6:00 pm | Soul Defender Stage