Julia Boyd

Objects of Hope

Interactive Installations, Visual Art


Framing the lush Courtyard Stage, Objects of Hope aims to empower audiences to feel they can make changes in light of the climate crisis. Unlike the more common awareness campaigns for climate change, Objects of Hope offers ways individuals and the community can have a real impact on climate change, using spurs like charred found objects from bushfire zones and messages of lowering our environmental footprint. 


Julia Boyd is an experimental artist working with photography, found objects, floristry and installation. Her approach to materials acts in a way that intervenes with the stereotypical uses of her chosen mediums; Julia often paints onto and manipulates the surface of photographs to highlight their materiality or uses found objects and flowers to comment on nostalgia and contemporary issues such as climate change.

Julia Boyd completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) in 2009. During her studies, Julia received the inaugural Margaret and David Williams Travelling Scholarship to attend Slade School of Art in London. In 2012 she undertook an Artist in Residence position at Canberra Contemporary Art Space and Photo Access in Canberra. After completing these residencies, Julia was invited to exhibit work as part of Blaze 7 at ANCA – a showcase of emerging Canberra artists. In March 2013 she presented her first solo exhibition at CCAS Manuka titled Fluidity. In 2016 Julia was commissioned by Art Monthly Australia to document 'The Uniform Project'. In 2018 she undertook a year long Personal Photographic Project with The Photography Room.



Instagram - Julia.Boyds


1:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Courtyard Stage