Kevin Adrian Miller


Visual Art


Glare is a series of works based around our relationship to forest landscape, particularly the Australian forest landscape. The series has changed over time and initially it was based on how we relate to our landscape through time and how some Australian landscapes can offer no shade, as the eucalypt trees often turn their leaves on edge to the sun.  

Forests can be representative of our attachment to place and provide solace, but can also evoke fear and loathing (for example, the recent bushfires). These forest images are shot with reduced colour - almost white - and have changed to become the misty recollections of our disappearing landscape.


Dr Kevin Miller is a Director of the architectural practice CCJ architects and is a photographic artist. His research Doctorate, completed in 2017, investigated the use of still photography to capture our peripheral interaction with the environment that we either do not notice or take for granted. The research (and continuing practice) is an investigation about what constitutes a photograph and a philosophical investigation of the issues around seeing from a peripheral perspective. It is a somewhat paradoxical practice that aims to photographically capture what is usually considered un-photographable due to the nature of peripheral vision which has key characteristics that include movement, visual crowding, low acuity, low light, lack of colour and a connection to the non-language part of the brain.


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