Lightbulb Improv

The Ripple Effect

Interactive Installations, Performance Art


The Ripple Effect looks to how the smallest of decisions can create larger unknown consequences.  As improvisers, Lightbulb will use true stories from the public for inspiration and create moments of comedy, reflection and drama on stage.

During the first few hours of the festival, Lightbulb will rove to take pivotal cross-road moments from festival goers – moments they have feel were intrinsic to their future or identity – to create new theatre scenes. They will explore how these moments could also ripple into other people’s identities to create endings unknown. It's an opportunity to see views from a different perspective, from a different understanding, a different view of our own identity.  The difference between “I” and “You’ is merely perspective.  Today I, is a ripple effect to the You of tomorrow. 

Join Lightbulb for some serious, funny reflections. And don't worry, the stories will be collected from festival goers prior to the show so there is no audience interaction during the show!


Lightbulb Improv is Canberra’s premier improvised theatre troupe. Known for crafting comedy moments in an unscripted, lively and daring manner, the Lightbulb Players are tellers of stories and singers of songs. Their motto? To create fearless theatre that frees the mind, delights the intellect, and distills the meaning of life.

Since 2016, the Lightbulb Troupe has delighted audiences with their unique flavour of warm, funny and surprising unscripted theatre. This dedicated group of performers, train ardently and foster a strong sense of play and honesty that keeps audiences coming back.  Lightbulb returns for their third year with Art Not Apart, but no show is the same and each laugh is unique with Lightbulb Improv.

Lightbulb Improv has brought improvised theatre to a range of Canberra locations and performances, including the previous Canberra Comedy Festival (2019), and the Canberra Unscripted festival (2017,2018, 2019).  Lightbulb also runs a weekly drop-in class for local improvisers. 

Cast includes: Amy Crawford, Angela Ford, Helen Way, James Lim, Jamie Kaiser, Jeremy Strasser, Katherine Berry, Laura Griffin, Lou Maconachie, Luke Atchison, Ryan Erlandsen, Michael Carter, and Millie Hayes.



1:00 pm - 4:30 pm | Here and There

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm | Jaeger Room