Michelle Day

Tread Lightly

Visual Art


Michelle Day’s Installation ‘Tread Lightly’ is a floor-to-ceiling spiralling hurricane of physical and mental debris. A whirlpool of delicate white elements suspended in space from many hanging threads.

These threads carry the collected plastic waste of five Canberra families who consider the weight of this waste and its effect on the planet everyday. This material has been embalmed in road-marking beads and ash from recent bushfires.

‘Tread Lightly’ was made in response to the overwhelming circling issues that we attempt to solve daily in both our minds and in small gestures during this time of social and political turmoil, extreme weather changes, fake news and the our over production that impacts on our environment.

Day’s installation reflects on the turmoil and disharmony but also the fragility and care needed for our minds and ecosystem – now more than ever.


Michelle Day is a sculptor and installation artist based in Canberra. She develops her work predominantly from silicone, fabric, fibres, found objects, steel, glass and light. Michelle is strongly influenced by the evolution and application of science and technology, medical imagery and the growth and structure of organic forms. In recent work, she has attempted to capture metaphysical aspects of nature, focusing on presence-in-absence, impermanence, memory and the feeling of spaces.

Michelle graduated from the ANU School of Art in 2009. She has exhibited in Australia: Canberra, Melbourne, Ballarat and Sydney, and internationally in: Chiang Mai, Thailand; Nagoya, Japan and Dunedin, New Zealand. From 2015 – 2017, Michelle resided in Thailand and completed a Master of Fine Arts at Chiang Mai University. Michelle is the recipient of several prestigious grants from Australia Council for the Arts, artsACT, Freedman Foundation and The Australian Embassy, Thailand.




1:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Nishi Gallery