Visual Art


Catharsis is the process of releasing - and in turn, to provide relief. Nikkayla's art project seeks to give this feeling to people - in some way, to show that there is still hope, despite the damage. The message if the project is that climate change is happening, but we have the power to do something about it.

This series shows the plight our wildlife, Today; polar bears wandering thinning ice with less food, starving; a sea turtle visiting a dead coral reef; kangaroos fleeing raging bushfires.

The relief, the positive, our Tomorrow, is what it could be. A bear reclining on the ice in full health; a sea turtle surrounded by colour and life; kangaroos that graze as the fire burns across the mountains, safe and controlled by nature.

Our world needs us. By using graphite and pastel pencils on pastel mat paper and presented in portrait, these artworks are to share a strong emotion, to show Today and Tomorrow - for a sense that restoration is possible.


Nikkayla always loved art from when she was very young. She completed another degree at Charles Sturt University, but while she enjoyed this and the experiences and the friends she gained there, she is a much more creative person by far and so she completed a degree in Graphic Design at UC while working to build a small freelance illustration business. She enjoys tackling the design problems that have come her way, finding the solution is a great challenge. Nikkayla create illustrations for clients while she has been stepping back into the world of traditional art. She enjoys reading and practicing her art skills, especially artwork of pets and animals, including her dog Snaggles. Colour is everything - she loves working with it, so much, and hopes to do so even more in the future.



1:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Nishi Gallery