Rachel Howie

A life worth living

Visual Art


A life worth living' is emerging artist Rachel Howie's most recent foray in diorama art. The small scale wall mounted sculpture depicts a fantasy scene of a village nestled organically in to treetops. The piece provides a commentary on the current state of the earth and how our built environment impacts our natural environment. Howie's wish is for a future with a more balanced approach, where human civilisation works with nature, not against it. The fantasy element of the work portrays Howie's fear that we are too far down the path of distruction, and such a world could never be achieved. Although Howie has a strong sense of scepticism, she believes we all have a responsible to take steps forward as individuals. Howie is currently studying architecture part time, focusing on environmentally sustainable design and alternative building concepts.


Rachel Howie is an emerging artist specialising in small scale diorama art to draw viewers in to fantasy worlds. In the 12 months since her debut showing at Art Not Apart 2019, she has held her first solo exhibition in Canberra, and supported the Sydney Peace Foundation by donating and selling works at the Sydney Peace Prize Gala silent auction. Having spent 10 years in Canberra and a corporate career, Howie has now returned to her roots in the Snowy Mountians of New South Wales. Growing up in a small country town gave Howie the time and space to explore the depths of her imagination. The use of small scale in her work pulls viewers up close, and fantasy scenes provide a canvas for viewers imaginations to paint their own stories. Through her work you are invited to walk with Howie on whimsical journeys, discovering the depths of your imagination.




1:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Nishi Gallery