Reuben Ingall


Film / Moving Image, Music


NIMBY is a twist on the No-Input Mixing Board, an instrument created by plugging an audio mixer's outputs to its inputs. The internal feedback creates a variety of tones and noises, with the dynamic audio-electrical interactions leading to an unpredictable exploratory practice. The addition of a loop pedal, distortion and kick drum brings hypnotic, dirty, rave-tinged vibes. On the big screen, the sound is visualised with a Lissajous figure - picture the ABC logo oscilloscope-style, turned up to eleven.


Reuben Ingall grew up in Canberra, and studied computer music and interactive digital media at the Centre for New Media Arts at The Australian National University. He makes music with whatever is at hand, but mostly via computers.
His other projects include the monthly experimental music night Soundscapes, the radio program Subsequence, mixing and mastering local bands, and a mashup-DJ act. He has worked on music for installations, theatre, e-publications, film, dance, and podcasts.

“Reuben Ingall has released music with such a breadth of genre and format that it’s hard to deliver you a cohesive tale of who he is that would fit nicely into a pretty PR packet. The thought that something is going to be useless to the music business machine, now that’s appealing to me” - Sound Doctrine, 2015.



3:00 pm - 4:00 pm | NFSA Theatrette