Somebody’s Aunt

She did it HER WAY

Performance Art


Artistic Director: Jane Ingall

Dancer-choreographers: Anne Embry, Claudia Cresswell, Jane Ingall, Julie Rickwood, Nicola Pilkington, Prue Gleeson Borman, Sandra Kay Lauffenburger, Sue Andrews, Suzannah Salojarvi.

Somebody's Aunt is an ensemble of improvising Canberra women creating their own mix of dance, theatre, voice, music and humour, often with a political edge and in unconventional performance spaces.

Formed in 2005 they continue to play, develop and create, with a passion to communicate meaning through movement. They examine themes relevant to our lives through the choreographic process, furthering our love of dance and creating dance-theatre work for performance.

Their recent work includes: "and what do you do?" (Ralph Wilson Theatre); Connectivity (Ainslie Place, Canberra City); Niche (in landscape at the ANU); Carrying Capacity, about our relationship to our planet (City Walk); short flat long black white, about our reception and rejection of products, cultures and peoples coming to our shores (Cafes and at Smiths)



1:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Here and There