Soul Defender provokes urgent issues of the soul, rather than economics or fads. It’s an urban artwork, stage and 14 tonne truck.

Feel good with soul music pumping, bubbles popping, ecofetti flying, and unifying events for 2 to 200 year-olds. The truck’s emissions are offset through Greenfleet. It uses solar panels, pollution filters and transfers excess power into electricity for soul music and messages to protect our future. 

Tag #SoulDefender when you capture the truck on a mission. 

Soul Defender is also available for hire – contact the festival for more information. 

Many thanks to the talented collaborators to date:

City Renewal Authority, specifically the levy payers of the CBD who funded this project through CITY GRANTS

David Caffery from Dionysus – Head of Operations Command

Geoff Farquhar-Still, Antony, Steve and the Artillion crew – Division of Metallurgy

William McClure from Impasse – Chief Provocateur

Geoff Filmer from Graffik Paint and Yanni Pounartzis from Sweet Potato – The Colour Coders

Alison Plevey from Australian Dance Party – Division of Strategic Movement

Justin James from Dynamic Audio – Audio Artillery

Mark Mallet from Capital City Soul DJs – Rhythm Division 

Michael Liu from Dionysus – Division of Propaganda

Mitch Bush – Division of Power


”If you scratch the surface of this city what you will find is a soul both waiting to be born and under attack. What does it consist of, this stringing together of moments that makes up its substance? Who or what are its enemies? At the border zone between the living and the dead the soul defender carries out its mission, its appearance as startling as a flame leaping up in a dark room, lurid flares that give light to the soul’s material. The Soul Defender’s mission is political, ethical, environmental and artistic – it   travels in the middle ground where the mind strikes the world, a rainbow’s edge where beauty comes into being, where surfaces mingle and provide access to a space where     art and life coexist, a striking of pure otherness creating something sublime…”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 – William McClure (Chief Provocateur).

This huge ex-military truck weaponises art to defend our souls, transforming a war machine into a peaceful vehicle for change.


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