David Caffery


Driven by contemporary philosophies of culture and meaning, David utilises skill sets across programming, arts administration, event management, branding and communications, hospitality, government regulation and place management for a range of quality cultural projects in Canberra. His cultural development company, Dionysus, programs and manages places as meaningful destinations. 

Dionysus is the cultural events manager of NewActon, producer of Art, Not Apart, place manager of ANU Pop-Up Village, producer of techno party-crew Escape Ferocity and performance art party Sound and Fury, and minister for party affairs of Australian Dance Party. He volunteers as the president of MusicACT.

Live performance, contemporary exhibitions, innovative concerts and a multi-arts festival are instilled with a common philosophy: art can shape the patterns of existence into something recognisable. David is driven to combat the divisions of Western culture with cohesive patterns. There has never been such an open sea.