David Caffery


Driven by philosophies of culture and meaning, David uses event design and delivery, branding and communications, hospitality, government regulation and place making for many quality cultural projects in Canberra. His cultural development company, Dionysus, programs and manages meaningful places – both events and destinations. 

Dionysus is the cultural events manager of NewActon, place manager of Canberra City for City Renewal Authority, party producer for Escape Ferocity and Sound and Fury, and they have the big pink truck pumping bubbles and soul music.  David volunteers as a minister for Australian Dance Party and president of MusicACT.

Live performance, contemporary exhibitions, compelling concerts and a multi-arts festival share the same philosophy: culture connects your inner feelings with our shared world. Without culture, anxiety is unrestrained and the world will tear apart. Like it is. But ‘Dionysian art wishes to convince us of the eternal joy of existence’