Sam Dignand


Sam is a film producer and composer based in Canberra who started life as a classical pianist. 

After training for eleven years, Sam began to create more contemporary works across multiple platforms, composing for film, television and multimedia. Studying a Bachelor of Music in jazz composition and arranging at the Australian National University, Sam then co-founded production studio Numbskull People in 2010 creating award winning short films, television commercials and music videos. 

With successes at Australian and internationally renowned film festivals, his most recent short film Girl + Ghost has delighted audiences to wide acclaim while he has been busy producing music videos for the likes of The Living End.

Sam has been instrumental in delivering over thirty national film festivals and is always looking to challenge the status quo with new and inventive ideas.

Understanding and working with filmmakers, digital media artists, experimental projectionists and animators, Sam is bringing a new voice to Art, Not Apart to feature emerging and established film and video works as well as experimental moving image projects.

Sam is thrilled to return in his role on the curatorial team for Art, Not Apart 2020.