Tegan Garnett


Tegan currently studies at ANU majoring in philosophy. She has a long-standing relationship with poetry, grounded by a deep curiosity and appreciation for words and language. In the past years she has developed a love for visual arts, sparked by Australian artist Fiona Hall, and preserved by the local arts scene in Canberra. As creative producer and director of both Renaissance (2018) and pop-up local arts gallery Degenerate & Six (2018), Tegan has worked with a large number of emerging and established local artists. From working on the Inner North Art Prize team (2018), and as Art and Design editor for BMA Mag (2018), Program Manager for Art, Not Apart (2019), Décor Coordinator for Groovin’ the Moo (2019), and Manager of Front Gallery (2019), Tegan has obtained insight into the professional world of Canberra’s thriving creative scene, the movers and shakers of which she has great faith in and admiration for.